Bandits (English Edition) por Eric Hobsbawm

Bandits (English Edition) por Eric Hobsbawm

Titulo del libro : Bandits (English Edition)
Fecha de lanzamiento : December 30, 2010
Autor : Eric Hobsbawm
Número de páginas : 241
Editor : Weidenfeld & Nicolson

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Eric Hobsbawm con Bandits (English Edition)

A trailblazing study of the social bandit or rebel

BANDITS is a study of the social bandit or bandit-rebel - robbers and outlaws who are not regarded by public opinion as simple criminals, but rather as champions of social justice, as avengers or as primitive resistance fighters. Whether Balkan haiduks, Indian dacoits or Brazilian congaceiros, their spectacular exploits have been celebrated and preserved in story and myth. Some are only know to their fellow countrymen; others such as Rob Roy, Robin Hood and Jesse James are famous throughout the world. First published in 1969, BANDITS inspired a new field of historical study: bandit history.